2021Annual Report

Driving transformation

In this special edition of Mattos Filho’s Annual Report, we address how the firm’s positioning has evolved over the years and the commitments we have made to continue positively impacting business and society over the next 30 years.

See the highlights of our legal work, social initiatives and campaigns for our professionals’ health and well-being in 2021


Driving transformation beyond legal services

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An evolving brand for new times

Promoting a positive impact through our legal work is our reason for being.

Successful brands are alive and constantly evolving. Changing times have led us to reflect on what we have always been – a brand that drives transformation.

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Placing people at the heart of our business

In 2021, we carried out a series of initiatives directed at our professionals' development, health, and well-being. One of the main actions was Conecta, our new hybrid work model that prioritizes flexibility, efficiency, and strengthening connections.

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We offer ways for our people to achieve their full potential, learn more about themselves and find satisfaction by taking charge of their careers.

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Three different generations of lawyers come together to talk about the characteristics, values and principles that guide Mattos Filho’s way of attracting, retaining and developing its professionals.

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A strategic partner for clients


Mattos Filho in numbers: 2021

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associates and legal assistants

interns, trainees and paralegals

professionals in the firm’s Management and Development Group

BRL Gross Revenue
1.242 billion


At Mattos Filho, we believe that legal work is a starting point for transforming our reality. That’s why we lead by example and look beyond the legal sector.

Transforming the legal sector to connect law and society
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The strongest and most influential brands are collaboration platforms

In this exclusive interview, Manfredi Ricca, Interbrand’s Global Chief Strategy Officer says that we live in an era of increasing global challenges, so businesses must step up as much is in their hands. "Through brands, businesses have the power to influence the choices we make as individuals and citizens, impacting – more than ever before in history – global affairs and the world at large.

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